Sunday, 18 May 2014

Failure, or is it?

For May's 'Write Edit Publish Now' blog hop, I have gone dark.  The original prompt  was titled 'What do you feed your enemy?'.  It was our homework at my local writing group.

“Mmm.  What do you call this?  This is delicious.”  Lord Eamon Barnes continued to salivate as he pushed more food into his mouth and followed it with the elaborate and noisy licking of his fingers.  Digit by chubby digit, he slid his tongue around his hand until Sylvia thought he would devour it. He chose a wing from the plate before him and continued the attack on his meal.
Lady Sylvia watched her husband closely for the indications she had been told would accompany her betrayal.
Eamon grinned across at her, his cheeks puffed with food, coloured sauce dribbling from the corners of his mouth.  He raised his napkin, then burped, a luxurious bellow of which he looked so proud.
Sylvia concealed herself behind her glass.  Immediately, the smooth golden liquid eased her conscience and warmed her throat.  As she replaced the glass to the table, she was aware of him watching her intently through narrowed eyes.
Without warning, a vice gripped her chest and squeezed.  Little explosions were going off behind her eyes as her arteries popped.   Eamon’s face grew large as he came around the table to her.  He leaned in close and said  “Did you really think you would get away with it?”
With a clumsy grasp of her hairpiece, he pulled her head back and Sylvia looked up into his now purple and bulbous features swimming before her fading vision.   The veins across his forehead rose and thumped in time to the hideous rhythm of her chest, the line of his eyebrows pulled into a crease of confusion across the bridge of his nose and his widening eyes seemed to rise from his skull.
He let her go and Sylvia slid forward to lie across the table.  Her bleeding ears stained the table cloth around her but still she heard that most satisfying of sounds:  the thud of Eamon’s round body colliding with the polished tiles. 
Lady Sylvia smiled to herself as her eyes fluttered closed and all went dark.  

Was it failure?  Lady Sylvia achieved what she set out to do, as did her husband, although neither of them expected the final outcome.